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Bob Cesca, Host of the Bob and Elvis show, recently wrote an Op-Ed over at the Huffington Post that supports the reasoning behind the photo to the right; The goal is simple re-write history and scare the white people by manufacturing the racial boogie man. You know  “a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

And it works. So well, in fact, that it’s still actively used on AM talk radio and on Fox News Channel as a ratings-grabber, not to mention as a recruitment tool for the various tea party groups. If you can effectively convince the majority race that they’re being somehow victimized by the significantly smaller minority, you have a seriously powerful (and clearly immoral) psycho-weapon in your arsenal.

This year has to be some kind of high water mark for white antagonism against minorities, and evidence that the Republicans, along with the array of far-right apparatchiks, don’t really have a serious agenda for governing to sell or, for that matter, anything of value to say. And so they do this. They continue to tap into a mother lode of white majority self-pity and inchoate rage as a form of spackle over the gaping holes in their ridiculous policy arguments.

Bob Cesca is right, there are “gaping holes”; however the gaping holes are between the ears of …..well just watch the video.

I have a solution to all of this hateful rhetoric. The far right-wing, race baiting, tea- party attending, lap dogs should be required to wear shock collars and the critical thinking majority should control the remotes.

H/T Carl Dahle for the pic

Last night on Countdown, and the Rachel Maddow show; both Rachel and Keith gave humorous commentary regarding the GOP’s retreat from their “fake indoctrination controversy” surrounding President Obama’s School Speech. The fearmongering spewed from the right on the speech reached unprecedented levels with the GOP pulling their kids from the classroom. The whole debacle leaves me asking, Is our Wingnuts learning? Something tells me NO.

Next is Rachel Maddow’s, “Schoolhouse Crock” featuring Fmr. Bush media Advisor, Mark McKinnon, who I believe is one of the last sane members of the GOP.

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