“Yes, you heard that right. Drilling projects in the entire central and western Gulf of Mexico have what the government calls a “categorical exclusion” from detailed environmental studies. The Gulf, by the way, is where most of the nation’s offshore drilling takes place. (Here’s a handy flow chart [3] from the government showing the approval process”. Source:  Ryan Knutson and Marian Wang, of the ProPublica blog

Um, if ProPublica’s Investigative piece: A Mystery: When Did Gov’t Exempt Gulf Drilling from Detailed Enviro Reviews? Isn’t enough to get you to demand accountability? Then watch the latest ABC news video showing underwater oil plumes 40 miles out in the ocean, BP says doesn’t exist.

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Tell Attorney General Eric Holder  and President Obama , a BP criminal investigation must move forward quickly. Considering the environmental catastrophe at hand (which is only beginning), BP and Big Oil’s push-back to further comprehensive review, corrective Environmental legislative measures must be stopped. The question will be, is Big Oil & Halliburton “TOO BIG TO FAIL” or just  TOO BIG TO FALL?