Along with the housing crisis and home foreclosures, a little less talked about crisis has surfaced, homeless pet’s. In our neighborhood alone one foreclosure netted 18 abandoned animals. While I’m sure the owner(s) were out of options, their decision to just release their pets to fend for themselves lacks compassion and understanding.

Several of the abandoned cats were pregnant and starving, the sitution for two of the females had come down to life or death. So my partner and I intervened, working each day to convince the mom’s they could trust us. Both mother’s gave birth outside under structures, they both were just trying to do the best they could for their little one’s. I don’t have to tell you how heartbreaking this was, if you have ever worked with animals you know the undying love a mother cat shows their young sometimes even to their own detriment.

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After weeks of bottle feeders, sleepless nights, cleaning running noses, medicating, trips to the vet and cuddles. I am glad to say the kittens are ready for adoption. As sad as this story is, it can have a happy ending but we need your help. We have 8 beautiful healthy, happy kittens and one 9 month old male (neutered) that need a second chance at life. One litter (3) is now 11 weeks the other (5) is 8 weeks as of today’s date 5/27/09.

Over the next couple of days I will be adding their pictures so you too can fall in love with them. Please pass the word along to your friends and family these little guys deserve a loving, caring home. They are all Felv/FIV negative, now all they need is you and your help.


Baby Lola and Grover

Baby Lola and Grover

Baby Lola’s eye was damaged due to a virus. It has healed but she does have limited eyesight in the one eye. Believe me she doesn’t know there is a problem. Our Vet says her eye will continue to heal and she does now have sight in the eye, thank goodness.

Kittens at 3 1/2 weeks

Kittens at 3 1/2 weeks10/21/09- This is Lola now and she is still waiting for that perfect home


This is Lola now and she's ready for adoption

This is Lola now and she's ready for adoption

10/21/09 - This is Sookie, she is 12 weeks old and ready for adoption

10/21/09 - This is Sookie, she is 12 weeks old and ready for adoptionHere's Wally, this guy is a lovebug

We still need your help! We have several little guys and gals for adoption, if you are interested; we will be glad to provide more photos and details.

For more information send us an email.