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Map taken literally means 9-10″ of snow for Granville County



The 12z models today have trended towards a colder solution for our weekend storm, with perhaps more snow than ice falling across most of NC. These trends would suggest that the heaviest snow band may actually shift south a bit and cover the Triangle, with the ice area shifting south as well. Lets take a quick review of the major 12z weather models.
12z GFS: The GFS was colder and slower than its previous 6z run and in turn showed more wintry precipitation over the southeast . Taken literally, the model shows heavy snow from central and southern Virginia into northern North Carolina through southern Kentucky, northern Tennessee and back into Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This model would imply a foot or more of snow for southern Virginia and northern NC with the Triangle getting 6-8 inches of snow, with some freezing rain and sleet mixed in as well. Significant ice would fall from the central NC coastal plain through the southwest piedmont and sandhills into the southern piedmont, upstate SC, and northern Ga. The bulk of the precipitation for the Triangle falls Friday night and then tapers off later Saturday.

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Great news, a Granville County District Court Judge, today granted permanent custody of Kelly’s daughter, Haley to Kelly Morris’ parents, Pat and Juanita Currin. Scott Morris’ was given the opportunity to testify but refused citing his 5th amendment rights or could his decision be based on something else?

Scott Morris’ Rule 24 hearing should be on the Granville County court docket sometime this month. The next superior court date is scheduled for the 19th.  During the Rule 24 hearing, Granville County DA Sam Currin is expected to announce whether he will seek the death penalty against Morris for Kelly’s murder and subsequent arson of the couple’s home.

Sources close to the case have told us that they expect Morris’s Attorney, Jerry Clayton of Durham to ask that the court move Morris’  trial out of Granville County. Citing media coverage and widespread community involvement in the searches for Kelly as reasons Morris’  could not get a fair trial in Granville County.  Morris’ actions and his father’s alleged involvement with likely take center stage in the coming  months, what’s that old cliché, “What comes around goes around”? If life were a boomerang, this is where I would tell Scott Morris to duck.

More to come.

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Thanks to WRAL for Kelly’s memorial video.

The Prelude and postlude; “Somewhere over the Rainbow” was preformed by Suzanne Moody Smith on Violin and June Cross on Piano.

God works in mysterious ways, only we must open our minds to recognize the signs and then act on them. 

The family has established a fund for Morris’ two daughters. Checks, with “Fund for Kelly’s Kids” in the note line, may be mailed to Edwards Jones Investments, P.O. Box 806, Creedmoor, N.C. 27522.


Vote On Nov. 3rd 2009

And what I have learned from its past

So here we are, today is November 3rd, 2009, this date represents the first municipal election in Butner, North Carolina’s history. On this date the citizens will choose our future Mayor and six Town Council Members; thus shaping the future of our newly incorporated town of  Butner.

 I’ll be the first to admit the past two and a half  years have been trying times for Butner, especially for those of us who fought against the Department of Homeland Security’s National Bio and Agro Defense facility (NBAF) so adamantly.  I know that for most of you the battle to defeat the facility is a distant memory however it should serve as a reminder of what happens when a town’s government is out of  touch with the wishes and best interest of its constituents for special interest incentives.

I feel it is important to recap this event because there will be other projects that may provide economic benefit in the beginning only to be a red herring years later. But truthfully who will decide our town’s  future? The Town council, the Kerr Tar COG, Granville Couny Economic Development or the citizens? Consider that with the NBAF came no public hearings, to hear the citizens concerns or even what we had to say. The Sept 06, dog and pony show in Creedmoor was nothing more than a pep rally for the lab supporters not a venue for citizen discussion. Could it be the then sitting Town Council and Mayor were not concerned about the potential burden a BSL 4 AG facility would be for the citizens of Butner, hence they believed the snake oil salesman with the dollar signs, peddling their wears. But who would have to cough up the needed funds to support the labs infrastructure? Thank God “we the people” won that round but what of the next one?

Why do we have an empty warehouse facility beside I- 85, oh that’s right that is Falls Lake Commerce Center, there’s just no commerce? Why are citizens of  Southern Granville County paying four times the amount surrounding counties are paying for water and sewer service?  Furthermore, to add insult to injury, SGWASA was once a source of revenue for the town of Butner until legislation re-structured it into a water authority and now its a source of hardship for many living on fixed or low incomes.  Where is the necessary transparency and open government to the citizens? Why do so many council meetings go into executive session? The last time I checked things like,  land acquisition is public information, isn’t it?  Why do so many town employees of  Butner reside in other towns and cities i.e. Town Manager and town planner just to name two? Why is the town attorney also representing Kerr Tar COG, Granville County, SGWASA and lastly Butner? This is a clear and evident conflict of interest; hypothetical cases in point, a case involving Butner’s interest against Granville County or vise versa. Better yet a case brought by the town of Butner against SGWASA for um, I don’t know let’s say spraying sewage sludge that contaminants drinking water or how about a breach in contract with an interested party the current attorney represents? I can go on but I believe you get my point.

Think long and hard before you cast your vote today whether it is for Butner’s Mayor, Town Council or the Granville County Commissioners each candidate should be considered on their merits and also  is the community better off due to their service and decisions? I believe the following candidates have already proven themselves in the community, I personally am endorsing  James Jones for Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Linda Jordan, Bill McKellar, Terry Turner, Dana McKeithan, Michel Branch and I’m still undecided on the last council seat. Folks tomorrow’s the beginning of a new day in Butner’s future; with leadership that supports the citizens and not the special interest  Butner can grow and still keep our small town appeal. So make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!


Dixie came Home

Missing Pet | Dixie

Updated 2:00 10/31/09
Well, there’s a Happy Halloween ending to Dixie’s saga, she found her way home!  But we are leaving her picture up anyway because she’s so dang cute.

Once again many thanks goes to Butner Citizens Planning Ahead (BCPA) for sponsoring the Butner forum, held on October 13th,2009  specifically for candidates running for town government seats in Butner.  During the latest candidate forum, each candidate was allowed a three minute presentation, so with that said here is Terry Turner’s speech and his positions on the issues.

Support Terry Turner for Butner Town Council on Nov. 3rd

Good evening.

          I’d like to thank the Butner Citizens Planning Ahead for the privilege of being here tonight.

          I’m truly blessed to live and work in the town where my parents lived and worked.  You the people of Butner are the reason for this blessing.  You are this town’s greatest asset.

          My diverse background has prepared me for the challenges of the council.  Among my college degrees, one is in political science.  I’ve been a noncommissioned officer in U.S. Marine Corps, a school teacher, electrical contractor and civic leader.  I’m currently a second generation, long time state employee.

I’m not afraid to take a stand on tough issues.  You won’t find me straddling a fence or looking to others for answers.  I won’t just agree and be a rubber stamp for anything and everything that comes along.  I’ll weigh both sides of an issue and I’ll carefully listen to you the people, before I make my stand.

There’re many new and exciting things happening in Butner, but there’s much more to be done.

Among my many visions for Butner, I’d like to see more actives for all our community.  I’d like to see mentoring and tutoring programs to keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble, a senior center where our time honored citizens can socialize, a town recreation hall where a child could play chess as well as basketball, and more town sponsored entertainment events for all ages.

Butner is going to grow that’s a fact and you can’t stop it.  I want to see the growth handled responsibly, not just something that nobody else wants.  We must aggressively pursue businesses which provide employment and services for the people of our community.

With direct responsibility to all those with a stake in Butner, its citizens, as well as those who run a business or own property in town;  I hope by working together we can continue to maintain Butner as a great place to live and work.

So, on November 3rd allow me the honor of serving you, the people.

Thanks for your time.

Yes indeed, we need a straight shooter on the Town Council and Terry Turner is definitely one candidate we support.

Click here to visit James Jones website for more information

Click here to visit James Jones website for more information

Since many of you in the Butner community were unable to attend the recent candidate forums for one reason or another and due to reader’s request; we are making available to you the candidate introduction speeches given at the Butner Forum sponsored by the Butner Citizens Planning Ahead organization on October 13th.

Today’s featured candidate is our Mayoral candidate, James J. Jones Jr.

Good Evening,

I’m James J. Jones candidate for mayor.
Thank you for being here. It is a good evening indeed because it offers us a new start, new opportunities and new possibilities. It is a good evening because with it comes a zeal for fresh ideas and a fresh start.

Some of you may know me personally and are aware that I have resided in Butner for many years. And in conversing with some of you, many have the same hopes and aspirations for our town, and that is to continue to live in a town that continues to be diverse, safe and one that thrives and responds to economic growth.

Growth by nature requires change and change can be challenging. John F. Kennedy once stated,  “Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” So let us as residents of Butner look to the future and make it better than our past or present and make preparation to take the next steps to improve our economic growth.

I recognize the need to work forcefully on behalf of the residents and to think critically and creatively about the 

economic development for the town. Economic growth can be achieved by working harder and finding better strategies to improve on the town’s resources.

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Click on Baby Gwyn's Picture to visit

Click on Baby Gwyn's Picture to visit

This is a heartbreaking story but it can have a happy ending with your help. Baby Gwyn Stinnett is a beautiful and vibrant baby with a smile that can light up a room. Sadly, Baby Gwyn was diagnosed with a rare form of children’s cancer called Wilms’ tumor,  just days after she celebrated her first birthday, June 10th, 2009. Wilms’ is a type of kidney cancer that most often affects children below the age of five.

She had to have one of her kidney’s removed and a mass the size of a small cantalopue, but Baby Gwyn’s grueling surgery was just the beginning of her painful ordeal. On June 24th, she started Chemotherapy treatments and she has 22 more round of chemo treatments in her future, thankfully she has a 90% chance of survival.

No parent can “plan” for this nightmare, emotionally or financially. By the time Gwyn is granted a clean bill of health, the Stinnett’s medical debt is expected to be well over $100,000 and Baby Gwyn needs our help.

Please join Gwyn’s family and friends for “God’s Gift to Gwyn”, a community-wide fund-raising event to help pay for Baby Gwyn’s treatment. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 12th 2009 it will be held at the Stem Ruritan Club at 3595 Old NC HWY 75, Stem N.C. (aka Old Route 75). The event will run from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

To read more about Gwyn’s story….visit her site at Caring Bridge.

For those who can’t attend the fundraiser but would still like to help Baby Gwyn, you can make on-line donations here.

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It’s been quiet on the National Bio Argo Defense Facility (NBAF) front recently but don’t let that fool you folks, NC’s proposal is as strong as it ever was. One of the last local story reported by the Herald Sun misled a lot of local citizens to believe the NBAF was going to Flora, Mississippi but unfortunately that is not the case. The fat lady has not sung her final note yet and make no mistake, DHS has the last word. According to DHS, the Final  Environmental Impact statement for the NBAF is due out “late Fall”  but no date for release has been given. With that in mind read the latest from Stan Cox author of Sick Planet, he is clearly politically astute to the driving forces behind the NBAF.

Livestock of Mass Destruction

Keep the Germ Labs Quarantined

Source: By Stan Cox –

Scientists, farmers and government officials for 80 years have kept the U.S. mainland free of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease — a horrific, highly contagious killer of cloven-footed livestock such as cattle. But our government may soon bring the virus onto the mainland on purpose.The Department of Homeland Security is seeking a home for a National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility that would, among other things, take over the work of Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a former Department of Agriculture complex lying off the east end of New York’s Long Island. But Homeland Security proposes to do this on one of five inland sites, all in agricultural regions.

Foot-and-mouth doesn’t mortally infect people. However, other pathogens that DHS plans to work with, including Nipah and Hendra viruses and those that cause African swine fever, Rift Valley fever and Japanese encephalitis, can kill humans as well as livestock.

Janet Arbaroa, Michelle Young, Nancy Cooper and Kelly Morris, missing women, murdered wives, all young mothers who were ‘Erased” to coin a phase from Marilee Strong’s book. WRAL has released one of the search warrants the Granville County Sheriffs Department executed against Scott Morris. The Application for the search warrant disclosed the communities worst fears, that there is probable cause which “constitutes evidence of a crime and the identity of a person participating in a crime for Homicide and or Arson“. 

In my last post  I outlined a hypothetical scenario based on what we knew from local media coverage  regarding Scott Morris’ previous statements, none of which were plausible especially when you consider the families statements concerning how devoted Kelly was to her children (not to mention just plain common sense). Oddly enough my hypothetical snenario was close to what Scott intially told investigators or should I say what he expected them to believe.

The disclosure of this single warrant is damaging to the extent that we now know Morris’ statements to investigators are blatantly inconsistent with their findings. Additionally Morris’ father’s statements to investigators were also inconsistent whether by accident or design that has yet to be determined. This is truly one of those cases that make you shake your head and say what was he (Scott) thinking?  I mean, come on in this day and age you can’t go anywhere without being video-taped or tracked by a cell tower. One thing is for certain in this case technology will bring justice for Kelly Morris and her family.

I am pleased to see that the Sheriffs Department and the SBI are protecting the structure of their case during the investigation. That is imperative given the fact any mistakes made during the investigation could be cause for appeal. I cite for example even though they found that “an initial fire scene examination indicated the fire was arson” they waited until the testing of evidence by the SBI had been completed before releasing that information. But surprising, “on Friday, investigators found a gas can in a swampy area along Brassfield area. Authorities said believe the gas can might have come from the Morris house” according to WRAL.

Also WRAL reported that in an effort to keep the search for Kelly going the family is selling t-shirts for $15 to raise money for the search. The t-shrits are being sold in Creedmoor and surrounding areas. If anyone knows where they are being sold locally let me know and I will post those locations. The family needs our prays and support now more than ever.

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