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This must be the same Ad firm T. Boone Pickins uses.

Two advertising geniuses come to help the Chevron executives plot to trick you into thinking they are going green when they are doing the exact opposite. 

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Bob Cesca, Host of the Bob and Elvis show, recently wrote an Op-Ed over at the Huffington Post that supports the reasoning behind the photo to the right; The goal is simple re-write history and scare the white people by manufacturing the racial boogie man. You know  “a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

And it works. So well, in fact, that it’s still actively used on AM talk radio and on Fox News Channel as a ratings-grabber, not to mention as a recruitment tool for the various tea party groups. If you can effectively convince the majority race that they’re being somehow victimized by the significantly smaller minority, you have a seriously powerful (and clearly immoral) psycho-weapon in your arsenal.

This year has to be some kind of high water mark for white antagonism against minorities, and evidence that the Republicans, along with the array of far-right apparatchiks, don’t really have a serious agenda for governing to sell or, for that matter, anything of value to say. And so they do this. They continue to tap into a mother lode of white majority self-pity and inchoate rage as a form of spackle over the gaping holes in their ridiculous policy arguments.

Bob Cesca is right, there are “gaping holes”; however the gaping holes are between the ears of …..well just watch the video.

I have a solution to all of this hateful rhetoric. The far right-wing, race baiting, tea- party attending, lap dogs should be required to wear shock collars and the critical thinking majority should control the remotes.

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Source: By Dave Edwards & Sahil Kapur | RawStory

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher said Wednesday that President Obama’s insistence on courting Republican votes on his legislative priorities has weakened his presidency and the outcome of health care reform.

“I think the biggest mistake that he has made in his first year was to put bipartisanship ahead of fixing the country,” Maher declared Wednesday on MSNBC’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

He said Obama should have “come  in with all the energy from the election and saying, you know what, we’re in a crisis mode, I won this election by a sizable mandate — here’s what we’re going to do; if you don’t like it, Republicans, you can suck on it.”

The host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher has for months skewered Democrats on his show as too timid and lacking the courage to fight for their beliefs. Last summer he famously said, “We don’t have a left and a right party anymore” because “Democrats have moved the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital.”

“They should have started with single payer,” he told guest host Lawrence O’Donnell. “It’s the one program that makes sense, but okay, we live in a country that doesn’t make sense… If they had started from that, then the fall-back compromise position would have at least been the public option,” Maher said, assailing Democrats for their ostensibly poor negotiation skills.

“I think [Democrats] wussied out on standing up [for] the things that were actually going to be cost-cutting,” said the controversial but popular comedian.

But he added that “a quarter-loaf is better than none” and the current package, while flawed and unlikely to save much money, will save lives and is worth passing.

The comedian said he was baffled that it’s acceptable for up to forty thousand people to die every year due to an inadequate medical system. “Can you imagine if that many people were dying in Iraq or Afghanistan — or a terrorist attack?” he asked.

Arguing that Democrats should have framed the debate to warn people who are satisfied with their health insurance that their premiums would surge, Maher alleged that “Democrats need to use fear the way the Republicans use fear.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday also critiqued the White House for not being forceful enough on health care and wasting months trying fruitlessly to recruit Republican support. Acknowledging Obama’s more aggressive posture in recent weeks, Sanders said the president has “finally got that message.”

This video is from MSNBC’s Countdown, broadcast March 10, 2010.

Check out the guy's sign in the middle

I just ran across some laugh out loud (LOL) facts about the family values, far right-wingnuts who are more interested in Tea Party’s than food banks, healthcare and home foreclosures. So without further delay.

You might be a Right-Wing Republican if: 

  • you’re for tax cuts for the rich because you actually believe that one day you’ll be rich.
  •  You might be a right-wing Repugnant, oops, I mean Republican, if you’re against abortion but don’t give a damn about those babies once they’re born.
  •  you try to make it complicated, but all Jesus was really saying was “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”
  •  you think that (compared to you), a whiskey-guzzling, coke-sniffing, draft-dodging loser is the cream of the American crop and the best this country could offer up for President.
  • Abortion is murder, but killing the children in Iraq is liberating them


Want more words of Repugnant wisdom? There is more to be had at All Hat No Cattle.

Finally some important legislation

Grady is back with some down and dirty moves for the 50+ crowd.

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I have been reading Rob Brezsney (Free Will Astrology) for years. Today I ran across a great piece on him, in which he discusses his book Pronoia, being shot in the rear yet being lucky enough to have a 24 page poem “save his ass” and a “sacred totem” outside his bathroom window. If you don’t know him or his work, you should get to know him. I promise his horoscopes will leave you with that WTF, head-scratching feeling for hours. Consider mine for the coming week.

A reader calling herself Rebellioness collaborated with me to come up with five revolutionized approaches to the art of rebellion. I present them here for your use, as they identify the kinds of behavior that will be most nurturing for you to cultivate in the coming weeks. 1. Experimenting with uppity, mischievous optimism. 2. Invoking insurrectionary levels of wildly interesting generosity. 3. Indulging in an insolent refusal to be chronically fearful. 4. Pursuing a cheeky ambition to be as wide-awake as a dissident young messiah. 5. Bringing reckless levels of creative intelligence to all expressions of love.

See what I mean? But I do like the sound of  “experimenting with uppity, mischievous optimism” and hell who knows, I might just be good at it.

While critical thinking Americans were not watching Fox News on Tuesday night , wait for it….  Ann Coulter revealed what she is really concerned about; body scanners failing to detect those dreaded Terrorist using  foreskin and anal bombs.

Speaking on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night, Coulter declared she was opposed to the Transportation Security Administration’s new push to add body scanners to airports in an effort to detect terrorist’s explosive devices.

O’Reilly countered: “If you have a body scan and you have a bomb in your underwear, they can see the bomb through the body scan.”

To this, Coulter replied: “No one credible has asserted that… No they’ll be able to see a container… It was spread throughout the diaper. Unless the bomb is inserted under the foreskin, and by the way, I don’t see a clear angle on the anus. That’s a pretty easy hiding place for this.”

“Moreover, the shoe bomber, all of his bomb materials was, I think, 50 milligrams,” Coulter added. “The diaper bomber carried 80 milligrams. As long as there’s carry-on luggage, they’re going to get it on.”

O’Reilly noted that Coulter is in rare agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, the civil rights group, which argues that the full body scans intrude on Americans’ privacy.

Did she really say, “Unless the bomb is inserted under the foreskin, and by the way, I don’t see a clear angle on the anus? Coulter of all people, should have a really clear “angle” on the anus, after all her head has been up her ass long enough. Moreover, one thing the body scanners would detect is the absence of  Coulter’s gray matter.   

We really would have a need for more pharmaceuticals.

Yes that was painful but oh so true. Personally, I suggest we  consider Chanel Monticello’s approach to helping the uninsured.

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