Map taken literally means 9-10″ of snow for Granville County



The 12z models today have trended towards a colder solution for our weekend storm, with perhaps more snow than ice falling across most of NC. These trends would suggest that the heaviest snow band may actually shift south a bit and cover the Triangle, with the ice area shifting south as well. Lets take a quick review of the major 12z weather models.
12z GFS: The GFS was colder and slower than its previous 6z run and in turn showed more wintry precipitation over the southeast . Taken literally, the model shows heavy snow from central and southern Virginia into northern North Carolina through southern Kentucky, northern Tennessee and back into Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This model would imply a foot or more of snow for southern Virginia and northern NC with the Triangle getting 6-8 inches of snow, with some freezing rain and sleet mixed in as well. Significant ice would fall from the central NC coastal plain through the southwest piedmont and sandhills into the southern piedmont, upstate SC, and northern Ga. The bulk of the precipitation for the Triangle falls Friday night and then tapers off later Saturday.

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