The Hindu | The suicide strike on the key U.S. intelligence base in Afghanistan had hallmarks of an operation carried out by a national intelligence service, a leading U.S. think-tank has said, apparently hinting that it could be the handiwork of Pakistan’s ISI or its rogue elements.

“The hit was by all account a masterful piece of trade craft beyond the known abilities of a group like Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan,” U.S. think-tank Stratfors said.

“The Jordanians penetration of the CIA was less like the product of an insurgency than an operation carried out by a national intelligence service. And this is the most troubling aspect for the U.S.,” the think tank said.

The speculation about a possible ISI hand in the suicide attack is being traced back to U.S. and Afghan government sources who said in the analysis of explosives used, it was found they were of standard military grade which points to the ISI.

Once again, a foreign news agency is reporting a crucial story concerning our “War on Terror” and yet, not one U.S. media source picked up the story with the exception of  BlacklistedNews (internet only). As a novice blogger, it has become painfully clear to me the U.S.’s mainstream media is woefully inadequate ( insert sarcasm) and as a citizen it scares the hell out of me.

Why does or should this matter?  Would it surprise you to learn that after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Times of India was reporting the former chief of ISI, Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmad had a connection to the 9/11 attacks and Mohammed Atta, the alleged ring-leader of the attacks ? What makes this so important is the information was confirmed by the FBI, but the story went virtually unreported in the U.S. and the ISI money trail [1] was dismissed by the 9/11 Commission as having “little practical significance”.

The person(s) that financed the largest terror attack on U.S. soil has little significance? Consider the following excerpt from the Times of India story, circa August 1, 2003. [2]

NEW DELHI: India played a key role in providing US authorities the information that funding for the September 11 attacks came from Pakistan. A top FBI counter-terrorism official told the US Senate governmental affairs committee on Thursday that investigators have “traced the origin of the funding of 9/11 back to financial accounts in Pakistan.’’

John S Pistole, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counter-terrorism division, however, did not specify how those accounts in Pakistan were funded, or the role of Pakistani elements. The Times of India first reported on October 10, 2001 that India told the US that some $100,000 had been wired to the leader of the hijackers, Mahmud Atta, by British-born terrorist Ahmad Saeed Umar Sheikh.

Indian authorities also told the US that the trail led back from Sheikh to the then chief of ISI, Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmad who was subsequently forced to retire by Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf.

If the name Umar Sheikh doesn’t ring a bell, he is the mastermind behind Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping. It was alleged by Sheikh at his trial that he was sheltered by the ISI for over a week before he was arrested by Pakistani police on February 12, 2002.

Now consider the following information contained in this video regarding former ISI’s Lt Gen. Mahumd Ahmad’s visit to the U.S. and his whereabouts on the morning of the World Trade Center attacks. Hint: He was on Capitol Hill.

Truth really is stranger than fiction, the only problem is you have to have access to the truth to understand when, you are being told fiction and I don’t see the truth being told anytime soon.


1] India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links

2] 9/11 Funds Came from Pakistan say FBI