TNC – Leaving aside political cynicism, this entire affair proves that the GOP is not simply still infected with the vestiges of white supremacy and racism, but is neither aware of the infection, nor understands the disease. Listening to Liz Cheney explain why Harry Reid’s comments were racist, was like listening to me give lessons on the finer points of the comma splice. This a party, rightly or wrongly, regarded by significant portions of the country as a haven for racists. They aren’t simply having a hard time re-branding, they don’t actually understand how and why they got the tag. 

This is OK?

The “family values” party, a haven for racism or just politically impotent playing to a far right fringe? Being a North Carolina native I grew up with one of the biggest racist in the senate, North Carolina’s own Jesse Helms (God rest his soul). Helms and Republicants like him set precedent for racism years ago, which makes this latest episode of  “As the Neocon’s whine” even  more, comical. 

Let’s see, it’s ok that a GOP Senator called the President a “LIAR” on the Senate floor during an address but calling him a “Negro” unacceptable, warranting the responsible party to step down?  And as for Trent Lott, geez let’s just crack that glass house wide-open.

Better yet, see somethings never change.