Great news, a Granville County District Court Judge, today granted permanent custody of Kelly’s daughter, Haley to Kelly Morris’ parents, Pat and Juanita Currin. Scott Morris’ was given the opportunity to testify but refused citing his 5th amendment rights or could his decision be based on something else?

Scott Morris’ Rule 24 hearing should be on the Granville County court docket sometime this month. The next superior court date is scheduled for the 19th.  During the Rule 24 hearing, Granville County DA Sam Currin is expected to announce whether he will seek the death penalty against Morris for Kelly’s murder and subsequent arson of the couple’s home.

Sources close to the case have told us that they expect Morris’s Attorney, Jerry Clayton of Durham to ask that the court move Morris’  trial out of Granville County. Citing media coverage and widespread community involvement in the searches for Kelly as reasons Morris’  could not get a fair trial in Granville County.  Morris’ actions and his father’s alleged involvement with likely take center stage in the coming  months, what’s that old cliché, “What comes around goes around”? If life were a boomerang, this is where I would tell Scott Morris to duck.

More to come.