Call me a skeptic but the media hype surrounding Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Flight 253 seems to be missing some very disturbing underlying details.

“Laurie and I were sitting near the boarding gate, sitting on the floor, there weren’t any seats to sit in. And I saw two men. They caught my eye because they seemed to be an odd pair. One was what I would describe as a poor-looking black teenager around 16 or 17, and the other man, age 50-ish, wealthy looking Indian man. And I was just wondering why they were together– kinda strange. And I watched them approach what I would call the ticket agent, the final person that checks your boarding pass before you get on the plane. And I could hear the entire conversation. The only person that spoke was the Indian man, and what he said was: ‘This man needs to board the plane, but he doesn’t have a passport.’ And the ticket agent responded, ‘Well, if he doesn’t have a passport, he can’t get on the plane.’ To which the Indian man responded back, ‘He’s from Sudan. We do this all the time.’ And the ticket agent said, ‘Well, then you’ll have to go and talk to my manager.’ And she directed them down a hallway. And that was the last time I saw the Indian man, and the black man I didn’t see again until he tried to blow up our plane hours later”

So let’s see, Abdulmutallab’s own father sounded the “terror” alarm bell, his name appeared on the UK’s watch list and yet he boards a plane to Detroit with no passport being assisted by a well-dressed Indian man and the incident is conveniently filmed. Next without pause Body scanners are introduced into the “War on Terror” spin in the U.S. (never mind the kid boarded the plane in a foreign county) and Lieberman and Specter call for preemptive war on Yemen. This chain of events seems to be very, very convenient doesn’t it?