Palin Alert

For those of you who like me,  just can’t cough up $3.98 for Caribou Barbie’s mutilation of a tree (I have a weak stomach), “Going Rogue” there is hope. Mudflats is “tiptoeing through the Muck of Alaskan Politics”, one a page at a time. Here is a sample of their offerings.

Page 116- This piece of brilliance came from the Alaska Dispatch. And thank you Andrew Halcro for correcting what was an obvious unintentional blunder from Palin who said “Democrat governor” instead of “Democratic governor.” I’m glad you said it correctly, despite you being all effete and everything.

Page 117-118
Halcro, “the Wasilla town crier” (Kilkenny) and “the falafel lady” Andree McLeod were considered credible sources by the national press. Imagine that! I wonder if they engaged in juvenile, petty bitter name-calling? That would be really lame, and people would find it hard to take them seriously. You know, like if they called you “the crazy lady” or “the Wasilla town whack job” or something.

There was a debate at a chamber of commerce luncheon. She chose to send Sean Parnell (the Lt. Governor nominee) to attend in her stead, and she went instead to visit with the troops who were about to be deployed because that was more important than a silly Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Irony Alert! The very same Sean Parnell (who became governor when she quit) decided it was more important to attend an Association of General Contractors luncheon than to meet the President who was stopping off 2 miles down the road to honor the troops last week. I just had to throw that out there.

Todd has an interesting Grandmother who is an Alaska Native.

Funny stuff especially after two or three bottles of wine – hiccup