Vote On Nov. 3rd 2009

And what I have learned from its past

So here we are, today is November 3rd, 2009, this date represents the first municipal election in Butner, North Carolina’s history. On this date the citizens will choose our future Mayor and six Town Council Members; thus shaping the future of our newly incorporated town of  Butner.

 I’ll be the first to admit the past two and a half  years have been trying times for Butner, especially for those of us who fought against the Department of Homeland Security’s National Bio and Agro Defense facility (NBAF) so adamantly.  I know that for most of you the battle to defeat the facility is a distant memory however it should serve as a reminder of what happens when a town’s government is out of  touch with the wishes and best interest of its constituents for special interest incentives.

I feel it is important to recap this event because there will be other projects that may provide economic benefit in the beginning only to be a red herring years later. But truthfully who will decide our town’s  future? The Town council, the Kerr Tar COG, Granville Couny Economic Development or the citizens? Consider that with the NBAF came no public hearings, to hear the citizens concerns or even what we had to say. The Sept 06, dog and pony show in Creedmoor was nothing more than a pep rally for the lab supporters not a venue for citizen discussion. Could it be the then sitting Town Council and Mayor were not concerned about the potential burden a BSL 4 AG facility would be for the citizens of Butner, hence they believed the snake oil salesman with the dollar signs, peddling their wears. But who would have to cough up the needed funds to support the labs infrastructure? Thank God “we the people” won that round but what of the next one?

Why do we have an empty warehouse facility beside I- 85, oh that’s right that is Falls Lake Commerce Center, there’s just no commerce? Why are citizens of  Southern Granville County paying four times the amount surrounding counties are paying for water and sewer service?  Furthermore, to add insult to injury, SGWASA was once a source of revenue for the town of Butner until legislation re-structured it into a water authority and now its a source of hardship for many living on fixed or low incomes.  Where is the necessary transparency and open government to the citizens? Why do so many council meetings go into executive session? The last time I checked things like,  land acquisition is public information, isn’t it?  Why do so many town employees of  Butner reside in other towns and cities i.e. Town Manager and town planner just to name two? Why is the town attorney also representing Kerr Tar COG, Granville County, SGWASA and lastly Butner? This is a clear and evident conflict of interest; hypothetical cases in point, a case involving Butner’s interest against Granville County or vise versa. Better yet a case brought by the town of Butner against SGWASA for um, I don’t know let’s say spraying sewage sludge that contaminants drinking water or how about a breach in contract with an interested party the current attorney represents? I can go on but I believe you get my point.

Think long and hard before you cast your vote today whether it is for Butner’s Mayor, Town Council or the Granville County Commissioners each candidate should be considered on their merits and also  is the community better off due to their service and decisions? I believe the following candidates have already proven themselves in the community, I personally am endorsing  James Jones for Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Linda Jordan, Bill McKellar, Terry Turner, Dana McKeithan, Michel Branch and I’m still undecided on the last council seat. Folks tomorrow’s the beginning of a new day in Butner’s future; with leadership that supports the citizens and not the special interest  Butner can grow and still keep our small town appeal. So make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!