Once again many thanks goes to Butner Citizens Planning Ahead (BCPA) for sponsoring the Butner forum, held on October 13th,2009  specifically for candidates running for town government seats in Butner.  During the latest candidate forum, each candidate was allowed a three minute presentation, so with that said here is Terry Turner’s speech and his positions on the issues.

Support Terry Turner for Butner Town Council on Nov. 3rd

Good evening.

          I’d like to thank the Butner Citizens Planning Ahead for the privilege of being here tonight.

          I’m truly blessed to live and work in the town where my parents lived and worked.  You the people of Butner are the reason for this blessing.  You are this town’s greatest asset.

          My diverse background has prepared me for the challenges of the council.  Among my college degrees, one is in political science.  I’ve been a noncommissioned officer in U.S. Marine Corps, a school teacher, electrical contractor and civic leader.  I’m currently a second generation, long time state employee.

I’m not afraid to take a stand on tough issues.  You won’t find me straddling a fence or looking to others for answers.  I won’t just agree and be a rubber stamp for anything and everything that comes along.  I’ll weigh both sides of an issue and I’ll carefully listen to you the people, before I make my stand.

There’re many new and exciting things happening in Butner, but there’s much more to be done.

Among my many visions for Butner, I’d like to see more actives for all our community.  I’d like to see mentoring and tutoring programs to keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble, a senior center where our time honored citizens can socialize, a town recreation hall where a child could play chess as well as basketball, and more town sponsored entertainment events for all ages.

Butner is going to grow that’s a fact and you can’t stop it.  I want to see the growth handled responsibly, not just something that nobody else wants.  We must aggressively pursue businesses which provide employment and services for the people of our community.

With direct responsibility to all those with a stake in Butner, its citizens, as well as those who run a business or own property in town;  I hope by working together we can continue to maintain Butner as a great place to live and work.

So, on November 3rd allow me the honor of serving you, the people.

Thanks for your time.

Yes indeed, we need a straight shooter on the Town Council and Terry Turner is definitely one candidate we support.