Click here to visit James Jones website for more information

Click here to visit James Jones website for more information

Since many of you in the Butner community were unable to attend the recent candidate forums for one reason or another and due to reader’s request; we are making available to you the candidate introduction speeches given at the Butner Forum sponsored by the Butner Citizens Planning Ahead organization on October 13th.

Today’s featured candidate is our Mayoral candidate, James J. Jones Jr.

Good Evening,

I’m James J. Jones candidate for mayor.
Thank you for being here. It is a good evening indeed because it offers us a new start, new opportunities and new possibilities. It is a good evening because with it comes a zeal for fresh ideas and a fresh start.

Some of you may know me personally and are aware that I have resided in Butner for many years. And in conversing with some of you, many have the same hopes and aspirations for our town, and that is to continue to live in a town that continues to be diverse, safe and one that thrives and responds to economic growth.

Growth by nature requires change and change can be challenging. John F. Kennedy once stated,  “Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” So let us as residents of Butner look to the future and make it better than our past or present and make preparation to take the next steps to improve our economic growth.

I recognize the need to work forcefully on behalf of the residents and to think critically and creatively about the 

economic development for the town. Economic growth can be achieved by working harder and finding better strategies to improve on the town’s resources.

As citizens of Butner, I am aware there are a few concerns
at hand and they are:
1. Water Rates—I will review water rates and carefully  
     and determine if our citizens will get relief from
     higher than average water rates. . For our seniors a   
     citizen low income water bill discount program for those
     seniors who qualify. So many seniors still give through   
     mentoring, volunteering and sharing their joys of life. 
     This is a small way to give back to them and ensure they
     not burdened down in their golden years.
2. Transparency—Encourage an open and accessible      
    government to all the citizens of Butner to ensure
    concerns are heard from the public. Remember: your
    concerns are my concerns.

3. Environment—I will strive to maintain the natural and
    historic feel of our town while endeavoring to enhance
    the sustainability of it for future generations to come.

4. Public Safety      

5. Our School System—Continue to provide our children
    with quality education. By 2020 the U. S. should be
    leading the educational society in Associate Degrees,
    Technology and Research.

6. Our Businesses—Strive to maintain and promote
    economic growth.

I will build on economic growth and spread opportunity for all who have faith in my ability to reshape the future of our

I want to visualize and achieve economic growth through development that reaches beyond traditional definitions.

I’m sure the Town of Butner wants a government that will
co-exist with the community and work hard for the residents and business spectrum.

As a strong and decisive leader and an advocate for opportunity, justice and equality for all, I demonstrate high standards, great organizational and management skills and a deep compassionate concern for our town.

I embrace the future with enthusiasm and experience to make the hopes and dreams for Butner to become realities.

I am ready, willing and able to lead with integrity, responsibility and accountability to all. I am asking each and every one of you—the citizens of Butner for your vote.
This is history in the making. The first elected mayor of our
town. I am asking you for your help. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. Together we will build on a town that is prosperous and one that works for its people. We will work together as a community to develop a master plan to deliver services and openly communicate with the public. This plan will include Butner, Creedmoor and Stem.
What is a master plan? It is a long term plan that guides the development in a town through a vision of what residents would like their town to be in the future.

In closing, we must think of the steady and upward march of our economic prosperity and growth as climbing a ladder where each bar we grab on to is a different stage of economic development. Until we are willing to release our grasp on the bar we’re holding and reach for the next one, we cannot hope to cross the bridges that span our dreams or
reach greater heights. We must have confidence in ourselves in our appreciation of our strengths and willingness to embrace the future. I ask for your help, support and your confidence in me to lead our town into one that is bright and prosperous. I’m the new face, new voice and the new leader for the Town of Butner. Thank you and thank you for your support.

James J. Jones
Candidate For Mayor, 2009