According to TV news speculation, David Letterman’s job may be open soon.
I have the perfect candidate for his replacement; Edgar Smoak.

Smoak, candidate for a position on the Butner Town Council (which he currently holds by appointment) made his presentation at the candidates forum in Creedmoor. His act was a wonder to behold, smooth, slick, hilariously entertaining; if only his performance was as stellar when the citizens of Butner were in DHS’s sights for the polluting, costly, threatening behemoth of a germ lab known as the NBAF.

As smooth a political salesman as Mr. Smoak is, one would expect him to recognize when he was being sold a bill of goods.  Unfortunately he was one of the NBAF’s strongest defenders.  The $150,000, the NC Consortium for the NBAF paid the PR firm to sell this ill-conceived lab was money well spent. One side of the story was all Mr. Smoak needed to hear to be completely taken in, and the board of appointed town commissioners (and it’s appointed mayor) went right with him!   

Reams of information provided by citizens concerned enough to fact check went ignored. This information compiled by Doctors, Environmentalist, clean water advocates, advocates for the patients at Murdock, did not impress the decisive Mr. Smoak and his board. The —-thousand  signatures on petitions asking for the board to oppose placing this threat in our midst went unheeded. The governments own GAO report discrediting the assurances of a lab such as this being safe held no sway with the board for week after critical week of the selection process. Attempts to pass motions in line with the wishes of Butner citizens were waylaid by the intrepid Mr.Smoak, and his like minded Mayor.

At this historic time in Butner, I hope that the citizens remember how their physical and financial well being has been threatened by the leadership of Commissioner Smoak and Mayor Lane. Don’t let Mr. Smoak’s skill as an entertainer,  his smooth speaking style and his slick “good old boy” presentation fool you. This just proves he would make a good comedic host. If you want intelligent oversight over the needs of Butner, I would suggest voting for Bill McKeller and Terry Turner. They have all ready out preformed Mr. Smoak in thoughtful vision for Butner, and they did it as ordinary citizens. Just think how hard they will work as members of  Butner’s Town Council!

Even though this is a Butner election, the lesson of the NBAF is that all of our communities are connected. Your town council’s decisions can affect the entire area.

Let’s send Smoak to Hollywood!


Suzanne Moody Smith
Creedmoor, North Carolina