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It’s hard to believe all of this is just across the border.

Hey I know that goat!

Hey I know that goat!

The other day I got an email from a friend, that contained some photos of what appears to be some really strange folks, wearing some really, really strange apparel with some random TMI (too much information) thrown in here and there.  Turns out the photos are from random Wal-Mart’s around the country and the “Wal- creature” photos are submitted by… you guessed it, other Wal-mart shoppers. Now here’s the best part or worst part depending on your perspective…. You too can get sucked into the Wallyworld madness, all of these crazy a** photos can be viewed at “People of Walmart“.  Who’d a thunk it? and how many people you know, will be hastily going through the site to see if any photos are of them? Just a thought and FYI, I already checked and Suzanne nice outfit!

H/T  MB (I think)

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