Source: TrTeam59’s | Youtube Channel Anthrax-War| By Eric Nadler and Bob Coen| Transformer Films

About the Documentary:

For filmmaker Bob Coen, who was raised in Zimbabwe where the former white regime has been accused of unleashing anthrax against the black population, biological weapons have a deep personal meaning. He embarks on a journey that raises troubling questions about the FBI’s investigation of the 21st century’s first act of biological terrorism.

Coen’s investigation takes him from the U.S. to the U.K. and from the edge of Siberia to the tip of Africa. In a rare interview, Coen confronts “Doctor Death” Wouter Basson, who headed Project Coast, the South African apartheid-era bio-warfare program. Project Coast used germ warfare against select targets within the country’s black population.

Anthrax War also investigates the mysterious deaths of some of the world’s leading anthrax scientists, including Dr. David Kelly, the UK’s top military microbiologist, the Soviet defector Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, and Dr. Bruce Ivins. The FBI claims – despite the doubts of highly ranked U.S. officials – that Ivins was the only person behind the U.S. anthrax murders.

In tracing the 2001 bio-terror attacks in the U.S. to the heart of the U.S. bio-defense program, this film raises an alarm. These attacks that helped prepare a country for war have also spawned a multi-billion dollar bio-defense boom. The line between bio-offense and bio-defense is becoming extremely thin. Biological weapons research is now being conducted by corporations and private labs without effective government oversight. The international treaty prohibiting the development of offensive bio-weapons may no longer be sufficient to keep the world from drifting towards the unthinkable biological warfare.

One aspect of this film hits home; right here in North Carolina, thanks to Richard Burr (R-NC) who as Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness crafted legislation dubbed Project Bioshield aka Bio-Shield, BARDA and others. Pay close attention to what is disclosed about the legislation in the film and then think about the H1N1 vaccine.

One last thing, everyone who was involved in stopping the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) from coming to Butner  should find the contents of this film chilling. Furthermore, you deserve a pat on the back (insert pat here), the prospects of a post-NBAF town to me is unimaginable, especially after watching this film.

Here is Anthrax War, presented in 6 parts.

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