Click on Baby Gwyn's Picture to visit

Click on Baby Gwyn's Picture to visit

This is a heartbreaking story but it can have a happy ending with your help. Baby Gwyn Stinnett is a beautiful and vibrant baby with a smile that can light up a room. Sadly, Baby Gwyn was diagnosed with a rare form of children’s cancer called Wilms’ tumor,  just days after she celebrated her first birthday, June 10th, 2009. Wilms’ is a type of kidney cancer that most often affects children below the age of five.

She had to have one of her kidney’s removed and a mass the size of a small cantalopue, but Baby Gwyn’s grueling surgery was just the beginning of her painful ordeal. On June 24th, she started Chemotherapy treatments and she has 22 more round of chemo treatments in her future, thankfully she has a 90% chance of survival.

No parent can “plan” for this nightmare, emotionally or financially. By the time Gwyn is granted a clean bill of health, the Stinnett’s medical debt is expected to be well over $100,000 and Baby Gwyn needs our help.

Please join Gwyn’s family and friends for “God’s Gift to Gwyn”, a community-wide fund-raising event to help pay for Baby Gwyn’s treatment. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 12th 2009 it will be held at the Stem Ruritan Club at 3595 Old NC HWY 75, Stem N.C. (aka Old Route 75). The event will run from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

To read more about Gwyn’s story….visit her site at Caring Bridge.

For those who can’t attend the fundraiser but would still like to help Baby Gwyn, you can make on-line donations here.

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