I received an email that started my morning off with a much needed laugh. The tag-line for the article read “What does the recent controversy surrounding the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility project mean for the region?” Well that left the possibilities wide open but what came next is the funny part.

The threats posed by potential foreign animal diseases and zoonotic diseases are simply too great and urgent for the NBAF’s establishment to be unnecessarily delayed by politics. Second, the $700+ billion facility is a textbook example of a project that will provide much-needed economic stimulus for the entire state of Kansas and beyond. The excellent employment opportunities and estimated $3.5 billion economic impact projected from the facility are simply too important to let slip away.

Holy Bat scat, Batman! How’d that do that? Overnight the NBAF grew to a $700 billion dollar facility. Just a couple of days ago Kansas politico Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, told members of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce that “she’s not sure when construction on the $450 million facility will begin because funding for the project was pulled out of a House bill.” shhhh_image

You betcha it has but who cares about the details, certainly not whoever authored this piece of puffery. Even the $3.5 billion has been discredited but it does sound better than $1.5 billion. Looking in from the outside it seems Kansas is more concerned about the economic impact than its… shhhh. 

But really what’s ” a hundred million here and there, pretty soon we’ll be talking about real money”

“Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

H/T Kathy P.