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Listen carefully to how Dick Armey is now pulling Medicare and Medicaid into the healthcare debate. Those who are towing the GOP line and spouting their talking points better pay attention to Armey’s profit driven propaganda. His views are; there should be no medicaid or medicare and everyone pays the piper for healthcare. Good luck paying those premiums on social security or a fixed income.

Isn’t this really about people with insurance telling people who don’t have insurance you don’t matter? Think about it.


Source: NBC 17

Most places have a neighborhood watch, but this takes it to another level: a Durham intersection is getting a lot of attention after signs popped up threatening speeders with the message, “Speed limit enforced by angry neighbors with paintball guns.”

The signs appeared Sunday at the intersection of West Markham Avenue and Glendale Avenue near Duke Park.

“I love the signs,” said Durham resident Angelo Abbate. “I think it might slow traffic down.”

For the moment, nobody seems to know who did it.

“I told you once,” said Durham resident Charles Sutton. “I’ll tell you again: no I don’t.”

Credit: NBC 17

Credit: NBC 17

What do you think about this type of speed enforcement?

Read entire story here.

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