Source: Channel 14

State Board of Education Chairman and CEO Dr. Bill Harrison announced Wednesday that he will retire from his position as CEO but will continue as chairman effective Aug. 31.

 Earlier this year, Harrison was appointed by Gov. Bev Perdue and hired by the State Board of Education to be the CEO of schools.

But last week, a Wake County judge ruled that North Carolina’s elected public schools superintendent, June Atkinson, has the constitutional powers to be the day-to-day administrator of the state’s education bureaucracy.

“As chairman of the State Board of Education, I want my focus to be on the 1.4 million students in the state, not on a court case,” Harrision said in a statement. “Six months ago, Gov. Perdue asked me to help her transform North Carolina’s public school system, and I will continue to work with her and Superintendent Atkinson to do so.”

Good news!

June Atkinson had no choice but to file suit against the state. Gov. Perdue’s actions essentially pushed Atkinson aside,  NC voters did not put Atkinson in office a second time to sit on the sidelines, I’m still surprised Perdue thought she should. Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood’s ruling last week showed NC constituents two things; Perdue didn’t learn the state’s constitution in all of her years of public service and the state’s educational system has evolved into a perplexing labyrinth of jurisdictions that in-essence compete with one another to establish policy. Maybe that’s where Perdue should have made changes, starting with the part of the system that was actually broken.

I know a lot of people right now questioning why they voted for Perdue and her “I know what’s best attitude”.  Now that Harrison has retired, do the right thing Bev and spread his salary around to the teachers, assistant teachers and state employees your administration hurt from the get go. It looks like we got what we voted for, Bev “the one term wonder” Perdue.