“In America, we don’t allow one man to roll the dice with our entire nation. We do not allow one political leader to risk our healthcare system and our entire economy.””We do not allow a single political group to gamble with the fate of generations, we have never allowed one politcal party to experment with the future of our country that is until now.

Has Steel been asleep for the past decade or just smoking crack with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala)? Steele and his fellow Neo-con co-horts (or should I say cabal), have conveniently skipped-over  how they (one political party gambled with the fate of generations ) hijacked the U.S. both literally and figuratively, while allowing Bush (one man rolled the dice with the entire nation) to practically destroy the constitution, collapse the economy and lead us into a Trillion dollar war with a country that did not attack us. But hey don’t listen to me rant about the Republican party’s failures, consider the words of an insider, former Congressman Joe Scarborough, the following excerpt is from his book “The Last Best Hope.

“Republicans under George W. Bush took a $150 billion surplus and turned it into a $1 trillion deficit. The GOP also doubled the national debt, presided over a staggering trade deficit, allowed the dollar to collapse, passed massive tax cuts, burdened a crippled entitlement system with $7 trillion in new debt, and allowed domestic spending to grow at its fastest rate since the Great Society.”

No wonder the GOP wants healthcare off the table, their taxes might go up because they spend everyone elses. Also is Steele to suggesting  the 70% of us who want health-care reform are socialists or to expect to affordable health-care we must turn to socialism? Now that’s laughable but a good talking point. Health-care reform has been off the table largely due to the Republican mindset of profit first, humanity dead last, well fellers it’s time to suck it up there’s a new sheriff in town. 

Finally, while we are on the subject. Am I the only one wondering how the number of uninsured in this country seems to stay the same? The powers that be have been quoting 45 – 47  million Americans are uninsured for over 4 years now, come people, that just can’t be accurate, I believe the number is way off the mark kinda like the RNC’s Michael Steele. The culpability for issues plaguing the U.S. in the present day, fall squarely on the backs of the GOP. Their political failures are such that they are insurmountable politically but Obama should fix their mistakes overnite, please. Note to the RNC, when you’re in a ditch, you should stop digging.