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Well folks, there goes the neighborhood.

Source: WRAL

Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff arrived by bus Tuesday morning at the federal prison in Butner, where authorities have said he will serve his 150-year sentence for fraud.

Madoff was transferred Monday from a holding cell in New York to Atlanta, where he left Tuesday morning. He arrived at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner around 11 a.m.

“He has got to serve his time somewhere, so I reckon why not Butner?”

Frankly, I won’t be excited until he has company and when that happens I’m sure Butner will role out the red carpet.

Bush, Cheney and other co-horts to follow

Bush, Cheney and other co-horts to follow

The insulting thing about Madoff coming to Butner, Inmate # 61727-054 didn’t want to come here. And why not you maybe asking? Well believe it or not Butner wasn’t Madoff’s 1st choice because we aren’t cushy enough. He wanted to be in Otisville, which is 70 miles away from NYC and Mrs. Madoff. (And you thought Butner was in BFE.) Butner may not be the cushiest pen but we are the greeniest, ah it’s the little things. But seriously, Otisville is the place to be if you are a old balding, Republican ex-financier, Good times! 
What’s in store for Madoff in Butner once he finishes his orientation? I turn to Chris Rock for the answer and I hope he’s right, hint: answer includes maple syrup and grape jelly. (Disclaimer: Video contains language you would hear in a prison, it’s not for kiddies, the easily offended or people who can’t take a joke! You should us your imagination.)
We are talking about punishment right?
Image: Our cat Sid Vicious laughing at new study

Image: Our cat Sid Vicious laughing at new study

Cat lovers/owners what you are about to read is disturbing. For  years we thought our cat’s purr meant they were exultant, contented, they loved us. Well not so much if you believe a new study in “Tuesday’s edition of the journal Current Biology“. According to the new study all they (our cats)  have been doing is playing us to get what they want. Go fiqure, our guys have trained us very well.

“The resulting purr is not just any purr but also contains the hint of a more high-pitched cry that, the researchers suspect, reminds cat owners on some level of a crying human baby.  Most important, the researchers found, solicitation purring was effective in conveying urgency to human listeners”.

“The researchers learned that cats produce the solicitation purr only when they’re with a human they know well.  “Remember, these cats have years to train up their owners,” McComb told U.S. News & World Report. “They learn to dramatically exaggerate this cry embedded within the purr because it proves effective in getting their owner to respond.”  So in order to conduct further testing, it was necessary to have cat owners record their pets’ vocalizations”. 

“Cats understand one thing — human manipulation — very well indeed”.

Ok sobeit two can play that game. Cat owners remember this the next time your cat(s) are sucking up to you, I know I will. I’ve been pushed around enough, did you hear that Sid?

Imagine yourself as a state senator running for re-election in 2010. Your poll numbers are so bad even a hypothetical candidate fairs better than you do? What would you do to counter those numbers? You would do your own poll, silly or at least that is what our own, Richard Burr (R-NC) does

A story in today’s Roll Call newspaper shows that the campaign of U.S. Senator Richard Burr possibly ran afoul of federal election laws regarding a poll conducted by the campaign’s lead consultant, Paul Shumaker.

Shumaker had his private company commission a poll that examined Burr’s chances for re-election in 2010.

After Roll Call questioned the legality of Shumaker’s dealings and he admitted it was in a “gray area,” and said he will submit the costs of the poll as an in-kind contribution to the Burr campaign.

“North Carolinians deserve a U.S. Senator who knows the difference between right and wrong and who isn’t looking to walk in legal gray areas,” said Andrew Whalen, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Shumaker claims he did the poll because a “false picture of the current political environment” had been painted by repeated polls from Public Policy Polling that showed Burr among the least popular Senators up for re-election in 2010.

“To have a senior advisor of Richard Burr claim to be providing ‘accurate information’ about Burr’s political standing is kind of like asking a new parent if their baby is cute. You already know the answer,” Whalen continued. “More importantly though, Richard Burr’s campaign staff wouldn’t have to be cooking up polling numbers if Burr hadn’t completely failed North Carolina families for the past five years.”

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