Mary please! Have you fallen and bumped your previously taxpayer funded head? At a time when the NC state budget office is slashing everything except the state bird, you assert you were somehow treated unfairly because your quid pro quo position at NCSU was eliminated?  

Former first lady Mary Easley’s hiring left a trail of dethroned N.C. State officials, but she has notified the university that she doesn’t plan to join them.

Easley indicated in a letter delivered to the university Monday that she will appeal her firing earlier this month. Her attorney, Marvin Schiller, declined to comment further.

In the letter, he wrote that Easley plans to file a formal grievance through NCSU related both to her termination and “with respect to any severance, notice or hearing which she may be due under NCSU’s policies, regulations and rules.”

NCSU did not offer Easley a severance package.

Insert “whine”. Mrs. Easley clearly you have intestinal fortitude but the taxpayers of NC are not interested in whatever distasteful occupational objectives control your day. In fact most never were. Maybe it’s time you and your (under federal investigation) husband should contemplate a move. I hear South Carolina may be in need of a governor.