A bill requiring the testing of all new wells for select carcinogens or volatile organic compounds, “won endorsement” this past Thursday (5/21) “from a House committee, but it requires another committee vote before going to the Senate floor”, according to the Asheville Citizens-Times , a newspaper covering issues affecting Western North Carolina.

The bill HR 141 – Limit Well Water Testing for VOC’s would mandate:

Within 30 days after it  issues a certificate of completion for a newly constructed private drinking water well, the local  health department shall test the water obtained from the well or ensure that the water obtained  from the well has been sampled and tested by a certified laboratory in accordance with rules adopted by the Commission for Public Health.

 A similar bill, Senate bill 126 introduced by Senator Philip Berger of Rockingham County, also called for  the testing  of newly constructed wells but “only” if  the well was  constructed near a site of know contamination. 

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