Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura made the rounds yesterday on the mainstream media circuit. If you missed it, here’s your second chance (clips below) to witness Ventura at his “I’ve been water-boarded” best.

 A few noteworthy quotes of the blitz:

“I would prosecute the people who did it; I would prosecute the people who ordered it, and they would all go to jail.”

“They want Pelosi out because she lied?  Why didn’t they ask for Bush and Cheney to go out when they lied about Iraq?”

” You give me a water-board, one hour and Dick Cheney and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate Murders”

Now that’s what I’m talking about Folks! Prosecute, Go to Jail, and Cheney being water-boarded all in the same sentence! Now that would be an  Amen, hallelujah, Pay- per- view orgasm if  ever there was one. 

Part 1 Fox and Friends

Part 2 Fox and Friends After the Show segment

The View Discussion

God bless him, Ventura makes no bones about it, he hates “Chickenhawk” Cheney and the 5 deferments he used to stay out of the military. Cheney is a “coward” and he should be held accountable for his actions as well as his former puppet in chief, Bush. Which leads me to another news worthy aspect of Ventura’s media blitz, 9/11. Ventura comments regarding 9/11 haven’t hit mainstream news yet but  you watch, they will. (Hey, Rachel are you listening?)

Ventura has always been very vocal about 9/11 (understatement) and the events surrounding  that tragic day.  Whether you agree with him or not, it was refreshing to hear his opinions on the many inconsistencies found in the government’s official story. The mere fact he was able to discuss his views of that day on mainstream media is a true sign things have moved beyond the name calling, media censorship of the Bush/Cheney cabal.

Sadly, we now have to face the facts there is growing evidence that water-boarding may have only been the tip of the torture Iceberg. Who knows a Cheney prosecution maybe closer than we think. Consider this from RawStory:

A military attorney who represented a now-freed Guantanamo detainee told CNN on Wednesday that waterboarding is only “the tip of the iceberg”

According to Bradley, when Mohamed was first held at a CIA prison in Morocco, “They started this monthly treatment where they would come in with a scalpel or a razor type of instrument and they would slash his genitals, just with small cuts.”