Image: FireDogLake

Image: FireDogLake

The recent media tour and recent statements made by former V.P. Cheney asserting that the U.S. is somehow “less safe” since President Obama ordered federal agents to halt the Cheney approved strategies and “brutal interrogation  techniques” or “torture” crosses a line that Obama’s administration will have to soon address, if the American people can’t shut him up first, that is.  

Partisan opinion is one thing, there will always be those disagreements between parties but Cheney’s actions are calculated, his intentions are far more egregious, he wants to rule the galaxy. To be fair Cheney’s wiliness to undermine anyone who doesn’t agree with him has its roots, it began in 1941 with his first breath and with the help of a group of his BFF’s (John McCain) he organized the Neocon, think-tank, known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in 1997. PNAC’s policies are not at all complex, scare the hell out of the population with your propaganda, cut education funding to keep folks stupid and they will not rise up against your policies and Voila, you’re free to room about the planet turning everything in your path to ash. 

To demonstrate my theory think back to November, shortly after the  elections when  Former  Florida  Gov. Jeb Bush proclaimed that the “Republicans create a “shadow government” in the US. Can you just imagine the outrage if these words had been uttered by a Democrat during Bush Jr’s tenure? Fox news would have declared a state of national emergency, “Treason in the US, should we execute?” would have been the headline, on a 24/7 news cycle if the situation had been reversed. Jeb Bush’s recommendation of a “shadow gov’t” didn’t just slip out, he wants to be a senator, maybe even the president one day and at the end of all of his speeches he will say, “God Bless American and No where else”. You see, good ole Jeb is also a member of PNAC, his name appears right along side Cheney’s as signatory of  PNAC’s Statement of Principles.

From the beginning of their reign in 2000, Cheney and Bush told the American people there is a boogie man, (Bin Laden) so be afraid. Oh and by the way, we will protect you, just be sure to shop and don’t worry, we’ll watch your back. Once we whipped out the credit cards, Bush went on vacation and Cheney ruled by fear and torture, all while Bin Laden brought  Halliburton stock from his laptop,while on dialysis from a cave with WiFi in BFE. Am I the only one that sees a credibility problem here? So why is Cheney still trying to sell his wares? My thought, Cheney sees the “fear” mindset slipping away along with his KBR and Halliburton contracts.

To be sure these angry, irrational Cold War  ideologues will stop at nothing to further their agenda as evidenced by their exploitation of  anything 9/11 (which PNAC refers to as “the New Pearl Harbor“,see page 63 of Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century). The neocons used 9/11 to further PNAC’s agenda and invade Iraq, plain and simple, they saw an opening and with a “wide stance” they took it and it has made everyone of them richer. Greed had to be part of the reason, it was just a little over a decade ago in 1994, (pre-PNAC) when even Cheney warned that invading Iraq was a bad idea, it would be a “quagmire” he said “not worth the loss of American lives”  (unless of course you can make a profit, right Dick?). 

So here we are, Cheney is running around the country to Fox stations doing interviews telling us we are less safe and we should be concerned about the “terrorist”. Nevermind the housing collapse, highest unemployment rate in years, people are living in tents because they lost their home to foreclosure, our grandchildren’s, children own taxes and they aren’t even born yet, and  last but not least for some the trip to the market or to shop has been replaced by a trip the food bank. Our economy is so bad the illegal immigrants are returning home and Cheney wants us to worry we are some how less safe? You had your chance Elmer, you blew it. 

For all his highfalutin’ rhetoric about keeping us safe from evil-doers, it seems not to have occurred to Dick that under his and Bush’s stewardship the nation suffered more at the hands of international terrorists than under any other administration. Listening to his blather, however, one gets the impression that he took office the day after 9/11, not eight months prior.

Let’s consider, for a moment, the results of the actions he and Bush pursued in response to the terrorist attacks: We have not yet won either of the two wars we started (due in large part to the fact that one of which was unnecessary); we have not yet killed or captured Osama bin Laden; we have not yet defeated Al Qaeda; we have not yet dismantled the Taliban; we eliminated Iran’s counterbalance in the region, thereby paving the way for its emergence as a regional hegemon; we ignored the Israeli/Palestinian issue, to which virtually everything in the Middle East is related; we allowed North Korea and Iran to become greater proliferation threats than ever before; and owing to the hemorrhaging economy they left us, our ability to neutralize future threats is severely limited.

We are less safe because of our ability to “Neutralize future threats is severely limited” all due to Cheney’s adminsitration’s  goverance and decisions by the GOP while they were the majority of the House and Senate, period! Not the Democrats, not Obama but you can throw alittle blame Clinton’s way. The chorus line of fellow Republicans like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michelle Bachman parroting Cheney’s rhetoric should go back to the mothership, All Abroad!  Do they not understand we have rejected  their fear tactics? Furthermore, their “hallelujah” “we hope Obama fails”  campaign wreaks of desperation not to mention it’s just plain comical. What do they have against the  U.S. anyway? (I love using their lines on them)

Meanwhile, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is calling for a revolution and warning against the imminent dangers of tyranny under Barack Obama. Sean Hannity agreed with her: “You are not overstating this case, Congresswoman… And I can tell you, all around this country, on 535 of the best radio stations in this country, people are saying “Amen,” “Hallelujah,” “Where have you been?”

“All around this country, on 535 of the best radio stations”, “people are saying “Amen,” “Hallelujah,” “Where have you been”? We know where Bachman has been and where she came from. Her beginnings were simple one’s really, she was dropped in a vat of batshit as a baby and the rest is history, the only difference is she now has play mates. If she’s not complaining “there is not enough rich people”, she’s giving interviews with other like minded individuals, all of whom have a village that is missing them. 

Say goodby to the world of “benevolent global hegemony” and “conservative internationalism” these phases coined by Robert Kagan and William Kristol (also fellow PNACers), stood for nothing more than “global domination”. Cheney and his buds have managed to do what no one before them has, they left the country so disillusioned, we now listen to a plumber for political advise.