This is just my opinion (shared by many others) but Alaska Governor Sarah Palin seems to have taken the whole wolf slaughter faddish she has to a frightening new level.

Images of wolves being hunted from the air were one of the more macabre entries in the presidential campaign, and now Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is at odds with the federal government over wolf hunting.

“We’re concerned that it would be difficult and potentially not possible for us to follow our mandates based on the state’s action in the control area,” Greg Dudgeon, the superintendent of hte Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, told me just now.

Thank God, somebody is looking at Palin’s madness for what it is, a crime.

“The Board of Game did not authorize the use of helicopters by state agency personnel as part of the Upper Yukon/Tanana wolf killing program,” said Wade Willis, Alaska Representative for Defenders of Wildlife. “What they are doing in that region right now is illegal.”

 The Defenders of Wildlife Alaska filed a request for an immediate halt to the program in the District Court of Anchorage today. Their reasoning:

“The Board of Game is out of control.  The entire Upper Yukon/Tanana program is an extreme, unjustified and semi-hysterical effort to meet wolf kill target numbers that are arbitrary and not based on sound science.  The State is acting without authority, without public notice, and without any regard for the integrity of Alaska’s national parks.  They are trying to kill hundreds of wolves before anybody has to time to discover the drastic changes in this program,” said Defenders of Wildlife Alaska representative, Wade Willis.

I find it disgustingly sad that on one hand, Palin claims to be such a defender of life and yet she takes life from the one’s she deems unnecessary so easily. Hypocrite