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"I can see Russia from my house"

"I can see Russia from my house"

A Connecticut group says it is the first in the nation to register to raise money to draft Sarah Palin for president. 

 Streitz says the committee so far has collected about $3,000. He says donations will be shared with Palin’s organization once she declares her candidacy, which she has not so far done.

It was inevitable that a group like this would form, after all no sense in waiting until the last minute to get behind a presidential candidatefor 2012. Moreover I can’t wait to see Palin’s ideas regarding the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the Federal Fish and Game programs. Consider this article from a fellow Alaskan Bill Sherwonit of the Daily Dispatch,titled State’s predator kills are out of control .

In the end, the Board voted 4-2 to let boys and girls 10 to 15 join older hunters in the black bear kill, with Grussendorf and Bell opposed, but only if supervised and after completing some sort of hunter-education course and obtaining predator-control orientation materials that, I presume, will help them understand the difference between killing bears over slop buckets of bait for sport vs. doing it for the sake of the moose.

The implications of the local media’s disinterest are worrisome. It suggests that Alaska’s predator control program, which has continued to grow and prosper under Frank Murkowski and now Sarah Palin, has become business as usual. If most of what the Board of Game did in Anchorage this month isn’t newsworthy, Alaska’s bears and wolves are in big trouble, at least those that inhabit state lands.

 And last, that $3,000 is a good start and a girl has got to accessorize for God’s sake. Um let’s see I’m sure Palin could buy some camouflages panties for when she goes moose hunting.


“In the U.S., you can advocate torture, illegal spying, and completely optional though murderous wars and be appointed to the highest positions.  But you can’t, apparently, criticize Israeli actions too much or question whether America’s blind support for Israel should be re-examined”.

“Does anyone doubt that it’s far more permissible in American political culture to criticize actions of the American government than it is the actions of the Israeli Government?   Isn’t that rather odd, and quite self-evidently destructive”?

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