If anyone needs proof  that oxycontin impares brain function just listen to a few minutes of  (as Keith Olbermann calls him) “comedian Rush Limbaugh”, except he isn’t funny.

In November this nation collectively voted for a change in direction, on every conceivable level; economically, socially, legally, morally. Internationally people were giddy to see Bush exit the White House, taking with him the ideologies of the GOP who have failed us as a people on a monstrous scale. Under the Bush administration this nation reached it’s breaking point, one that asinine, morally bankrupt  individuals like Limbaugh profited from greatly and now that the GOP’s goldrush  is over we have people like Limbaugh grasping at every turn to make some sort of issue out of Obama’s policies. We are at a critical-mass moment and we must collectively raise up and overturn the social Darwinist’s of the self-righteous, narcissistic zeitgeist that Limbaugh et al have represented for the past few decades. It is time for this divisive language to be taken for what it is, free speech and nothing more. We impower him by listening to his voice, to him and those like him, I am officially deaf.