Myrick asks for money, then opposes bill

Source: Charlotte Observer

The $410 billion spending bill that Rep. Sue Myrick opposed Wednesday included millions of dollars for the Charlotte area that she inserted in the legislation, including $20million to expand the city’s light-rail system.

The Charlotte Republican’s “earmarks,” and others requested last year but stalled by Washington gridlock, are one step closer to finally getting funded.

Myrick’s projects include $380,000 for the Garden Parkway in Gaston County, $237,500 for the U.S. 74 Monroe Bypass and $142,500 for “streetscaping and pedestrian walkways” along Gilead Road in Huntersville.

Myrick co-sponsored the $20 million for the Charlotte rapid transit system with Rep. Mel Watt, a Charlotte Democrat, and Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.

The projects are included in the “omnibus” spending bill needed because Congress failed to pass nine of its 2009 appropriations bills.

It passed the House largely on a party-line vote, with Democrats accusing Republicans of hypocrisy for opposing a bill they helped stuff with pet projects. It must still be considered by the Senate.

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