On day of subpoena, Rove raked in cash for GOP

Source: John Byrne – RawStory

It’s not exactly like Congress would have a hard time finding Karl Rove if they sought to enforce subpoenas they filed against him.

On Monday, as the House Judiciary Committee let a third subpoena against former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove lapse, the tough-talking Texan attended a scheduled fundraiser in suburban Illinois.

Congress has subpoenaed Rove four times, and each time he has declined to attend. The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Rove in 2007 over the firings of US Attorneys. The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Rove in 2008 over the US Attorney firings and the alleged political prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) also subpoenaed him in January, and again in February.

But Rove doesn’t appear to be rattled. On Monday, he was in Schaumburg, Illinois, schmoozing with local politicos and raking in cash for the local party’s coffers, according to a local newspaper report.

What’s more, Rove’s subpoenas have apparently gone so ignored that even the newspaper reporter who wrote the article didn’t include mention of Rove’s scheduled deposition that day.

“It strikes me that you have a pretty easy message,” Rove said, noting the fall of Democratic Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, according to the report. “If you want change from the way things are then you ought to elect yourself a Republican governor.”

“The people are looking closely at the quality of candidates you put forward,” Rove purportedly added. “You better not claw yourselves up and bloody yourselves up and cut yourselves up in a primary.”

Rove reportedly said Illinois Republicans were “ripe for a comeback” in the 2010 elections or a victory in a special election to potentially replace Sen. Roland Burris, who’s under fire for his connections to Blagojevich.

Illinois Republican Party leaders spoke warmly of Rove at the event, asserting that “the presence Monday of Rove, a favorite target of Democrats, could only help” their goals to grow Republican victories.

“Everything I’ve heard Karl speak on is about building a party that reaches out,” Andy McKenna told the Daily Herald.

According the the paper, the fundraiser was aimed at helping suburban Republican township committees and hosted several statewide GOP candidates.
Most attendees were local Republican officials.