In today’s edition of the New York Post, NewsCorp Owner Rupert Murdock does what many thought he should have done days ago, he takes personal responsibility for his paper’s actions. I have no doubt his previous half- apology was more about attacking Al Sharpton than communicating an apology, moreover, it did nothing more than make matters worse. Should we really be surprised by Murdock’s alleged racism? This type of divisive media was being used by NewsCorp, Fox News and the GOP  before President Obama took office. Remember Chip Saltsman, while he was a candidate to lead the Republican National Committee he distributed a CD to RNC members containing the parody song “Barack the Magic Negro.” That incident was a source of loud, public GOP infighting over the holiday season. But Fox not to be out done used this gem:


Imagine the reaction if  MSNBC or CNN ran something similiar. Even while we were ringing in the New year, Fox was up to old tricks on their Fox’s New Year’ s Eve broadcast from New York City, the network encouraged viewers to send in text messages which, if approved by Fox’s moderators, would scroll across the Fox ticker at the bottom of the screen. Well let just say somebody let one slip by and “HAPPY NEW YEAR AND LET’S HOPE THE MAGIC NEGRO DOES A GOOD JOB. LOVE JEN AND JOHN C.” scrolled as we ushered in 2009.  ThinkProgress caught what the moderators didn’t. Pay close attention to the ticker.

Where  is the FCC on this issue? They seem quiet so far but one thing is for sure, in today’s economy Murdock cannot afford a mass exodus of sponsors so for once he has been forced to eat his own racist words instead of profiting from them.