This is the strangest interview I have ever witnessed, it is one that will be talked about for a very long time.  Joaguin Phoenix was in rare form and Letterman takes advantage of every minute of it. Letterman starts the interview with the usual Hollywood kudos and moves on to, “you look different than I remember, You’ve got a nice beard going, um how is that, the beard” and they ramble on with the beard chat and then, “What can you tell us about your days with the UniBomber”, now I was thinking he looked more like “Jake Blues” (John Belushi ) of Blues Brothers fame but that’s just me. The interview itself is jaw-dropping strange from beginning to the end, these two guys are not in sync with one another at all. 

The funniest part of the interview for me is when Joaquin says he is working on his music and Letterman says what kind, Joaquin says “Hip Hop” and the audience explodes with laughter the interview goes downhill from there. Not just anybody puts their gum on Letterman’s desk and gets away with it. Bottomline, Phoenix has to be on a higher plain, a much higher plain, Letterman plays right into the madness and closes with “Joaguin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight and we owe an apology to Farah Fawcett”. Indeed, Dave you do and while you are at it can I get one too?