Who among us can deny that after competing in the Olympics and winning 8 gold medals, a little bit of something to relax might be in order.

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps acknowledged using “bad judgment” and engaging in “regrettable” behavior a day after a British tabloid published a photo in which he appeared to be using marijuana.

I mean this guy is on top of his game, so what if he smoked a couple of bong hits?.

Just over a week ago, he was named the USOC’s male Athlete of the Year, and Sports Illustrated named him its Sportsman of the Year in December. He said during a conference call that he had returned to training and hoped to compete at the swimming world championships in Rome this summer.

I get the whole he is a hero, role model blah, blah, blah argument. But, again this is a very successful young man and luckily nothing is going to happen to him in terms of  Olympic sanctions. Frankly, his choices could have been much worse and at least the USOC didn’t over-blown the incident. 

USA Swimming, the sport’s national governing body, issued a statement as well: “We are certainly disappointed in Michael’s behavior. . . . That said, we realize that none among us is perfect. We hope that Michael can learn from this incident and move forward in a positive way.”

My advise, next time make sure you only party with friends, who don’t take your picture. In the words of Micheal Myers, PARTY ON, just be more responsible.