Is it just me or isn’t this whole stimulus bill opposition by the GOP getting a bit out of hand. I think both sides are putting  trash projects, useless provisions and pork into the bill but with National Unemployment filings claims at a All-Time High , more layoffs being announced daily and home foreclosures climbing, somebody, everybody needs to get off them collective asses in Obama’s Administration and work toward a solution.

The Labor Department reported that the number of Americans continuing to claim unemployment insurance for the week ending Jan. 17 was a seasonally adjusted 4.78 million, the highest on records dating back to 1967. That’s an increase of 159,000 from the previous week and worse than economists’ expectations of 4.65 million.

In the featured video above Nora O’Donnell (during the interview) point blank asks GOP Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, who chairs the House Republican Conference why he and the GOP are promising “overwhelming opposition from the Republicans” why the push-back”? Pence responds with some generalized talking points but the comment regarding the use of “token tax rebate checks” was quite laughable especially when you consider that the answer to stimulating the economy by the GOP and the Bush Administration was the issuance of  “token tax rebate checks”.

I also can’t help but be amused by the actuation that Rush Limbaugh is a cherished voice? I have always found the man’s statements divisive and hateful but that’s just me and I don’t think that has changed. Case in point, Limbaugh’s comment that  “we have to bend over, grab our ankles”  because Obama is the “first black president”. This type of  rhetoric has reached a fever pitch over the past few days and I for one do not see the purpose it serves in moving us forward. Nora O’Donnell calls Pence out for not renouncing Limbaugh’s comments but Pence is more interested in towing the party line.

Enough already!