Photo: Reuters

Bush does the thing right but the damage is done. Editorials from around the World are  unforgiving and I find myself at this 11th hour feeling pity for the man. Historians will have the final word on his legacy but on this day, Bush’s last day I wonder if he or Cheney have any regrets? Hell, what am I saying I’m still wondering if Cheney is human.

Canada’s popular Toronto Globe has a parting shot and described Bush’s term in office as; “Goodbye to the worst president ever,” it declared. “Bush was an unmitigated disaster, failing on the big issues from the invasion of Iraq to global warming, Hurricane Katrina and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

Perhaps the truth is it hurts to read how the rest of the world views the U.S. now. One of the most disturbing for me to read was this one. Stern magazine said, “Bush led the world’s most powerful nation to ruin. He lied to the world, tortured in the name of freedom and caused lasting damage to America’s standing.” Why did that one cut so deep because it is all true and I find myself once again hoping Bush and his co-conspirators face prosecution. On this topic is where I find hope.

Still angry? when all else fells play the game Goodbye Mr.Bush and throw away your frustrations. Nothing says goodbye quite like a WMD.