I don’t always agree with Joe Klein but this time he nailed it. In his recent piece “The Bush Administration’s Most Despicable Act“, Klein suggested that;

If Barack Obama really wanted to be cagey, he could pardon Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for the possible commission of war crimes. Then they’d have to live with official acknowledgment of their ignominy in perpetuity. More likely, Obama will simply make sure — through his excellent team of legal appointees — that no such behavior happens again. Still, there should be some official acknowledgment by the U.S. government that the Bush Administration’s policies were reprehensible, and quite possibly illegal, and that the U.S. is no longer in the torture business. If Obama doesn’t want to make that statement, perhaps we could do it in the form of a Bush Memorial in Washington: a statue of the hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner in cruciform stress position — the real Bush legacy.

The narcissist that took office in 2000 is the same narcissist that will exit the White House on January 20, 2009 with one notible difference, his bag of tricks are empty. There is no doubt for me now, Bush resides in an alternate – reality. You know that place, we went there as kids, where we were took our bows while the  audience,  applauded wildly because our performances were the best ever (remember?). This is the fantasy world Bush never left, yes he stopped drinking(?) and doing drugs (?) but he has always tuned-out whoever, whatever he didn’t like or didn’t want to hear. Maybe a Special Prosecutor could make sense of Georgie’s world and at the same time make a lot of American’s happy.

We have all made mistakes, just ask Joe Klein (the author of the above referenced piece) he was forced to retreat from his previous rant and admit Bush lead us down a path which advocated and committed torture on detainees. Here’s what Klein said then, 

The Camp X-Ray Yankophobe fiesta has died down in the past week as it has become clear that the prisoners — I see no need to use euphemisms here — are not being treated badly at all. The Red Cross has been in. Doctors are caring for them. They receive three square meals a day. They pray (and we provide arrows to point them the way). There’s no air conditioning, but the winter heat in Cuba isn’t exactly devastating. The cells are eight feet square; not the Ritz, but not quite inhumane, either. They were shackled and goggled when they were being transported, but no longer. They wear orange jump suits, which are probably an improvement over their Afghan cave-wear (I would actually prefer they be dressed in pink tutus, to give them an appreciation of the freedoms accorded western ballerinas). They are not being tortured, Terry. They are being interrogated.

We must take back our reputation as a nation and if the only way to do that  is to prove to the rest of the world we do prosecute war criminals then sobeit. We should start at the top by interrogating Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield.