John Bolton and war criminal, John “crush the testicles of the children” Yoo wrote an op-ed  titled, “Restore the Senate’s Treaty Power” which was featured in the Sunday’s edition of the NYT.

The framers of the Constitution designed the treaty process with a bias against “entangling alliances,” as Thomas Jefferson described them in his first inaugural address. They designated the Senate as the body responsible to protect the interests of the states from being bargained away by the president in deals with foreign nations. The framers required a supermajority to ensure that treaties would reflect a broad consensus and careful, mature decision-making.

America needs to maintain its sovereignty and autonomy, not to subordinate its policies, foreign or domestic, to international control. On a broad variety of issues — many of which sound more like domestic rather than foreign policy — the re-emergence of the benignly labeled “global governance” movement is well under way in the Obama transition.

Their words are hypocrisy at it’s best or maybe they are trying to reinvent themselves as Conservative in the aftermath and rumble of the Bush Administration?  I find it disgusting and reprehensible that either of these men believe they deserve or should be allowed a seat at the table of discussion when it comes to the affairs of the U.S. going forward.  They do, however deserve similair fates behind bars.