The AP is reported this morning that Al Franken is slated to fill Minnesota’s senate seat after weeks of ballot disovery, recounting and court petitions.  But seriously, am I the only person who is wondering where in the hell all of the uncounted ballots were located? Were they just sitting in a box, a hefty bag? and why were they excluded in the intial election? 

The state Canvassing Board was poised to certify the results of the recount in Minnesota’s grueling Senate election in Al Franken’s favor _ but that doesn’t mean the race is definitely over.

The board was to meet Monday and was expected to declare which candidate received the most overall votes from nearly 3 million ballots cast. The latest numbers showed Franken, a Democrat, with a 225-vote lead over Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, who led Franken on election night.

Ah, but with only a 225 vote lead by Franken the GOP promises to hold up the matter while “litigation” is pending. So in other words don’t expect a decision until all legal challenges have been exhausted by the GOP or sometime when hell freezes over.