So the word is Governor elect Bev Perdue is busy making her (wish-list) recommendations for her administration’s cabinet-level positions.  The N&O offers a comprehensive blow by blow of the contenders to head state agencies once the Gov. elect takes office. But, for us in Granville County there is already a winner on the list for North Carolina’s Environment Secretary, the City of Creedmoor’s, Mayor Darryl Moss.

After a decade of service to Creedmoor as a sitting City Commissioner (1989-1999) Darryl Moss took over the job of  Mayor of Creedmoor in 1999.  As Mayor, one of his most “environmentally” popular accomplishments for the community, has been the development of a successful economic development  program that  incorporated the protection of priceless natural resources. 

Moss’s leadership and green initiatives have benefited the community in several ways. One program “Blight Spot Bright Spot” helped earn Creedmoor the title of Playful City USA 2008

KaBOOM! also selected Creedmoor for its dedication to play. The community has made play a priority and finding as many opportunities as possible to ensure that its children have ample opportunity and space in which to play. One way that Creedmoor highlights many of its success is through the “Blight Spot Bright Spot” program that allows a property owner in Creedmoor to deed their property to the city for a tax credit so the land can then be used for a park or open space.  

In November 08, Creedmoor was awarded $2.183M by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund(CWMTF) for their park initiative and Mayor Moss was recently appointed to the N.C. Environmental Management Commission, “where he  now sits on several committees on air quality, groundwater and water management”.  

His proven environmental leadership has helped all of  Granville County but he deserves a special “thank you”  from the community of Butner. Mayor Moss was the first official to publicly take a stand against the National Bio Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) and the facility’s advocates at the September 07, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) NBAF scoping meeting in Creedmoor. The negative environmental consequences of the NBAF would have been an enormous burden to Butner and Granville County’s resources. Mayor Moss recently spoke about that experience with Independent Weekly’s, Lisa Sorg, Sorg wrote:

Creedmoor Mayor Darryl Moss was the first official to publicly take a stand, in September 2007, when doing so was highly unpopular. “There was a lot of pressure,” he said. “I had a private briefing from the consortium. I am one not to burn bridges, but I blew some up.”

His environmental leadership as well as his encouragement for active citizen involvement in government has transformed the once often unnoticed town of Creedmoor into a great  “greener” place to work, visit and live. I have complete confidence if he is chosen and given the honor to fill the position of Environment Secretary, his leadership will indeed transform the state as well.