Well put aside the quirky rhyme, a Roy Cooper run against Richard Burr could be a win, win situation in North Carolina if the elections were held today according to Public Policy Polling.

If Attorney General Roy Cooper decides to run for the Senate in 2010, you can put Richard Burr’s name right to the top of the list of endangered incumbents nationally.

Cooper leads Burr by five points in a hypothetical pairing. He also has a similarly high profile to Burr, with only 34% of voters in the state having no opinion about his job performance, compared to 37% who are ambivalent about Burr. It is quite unusual for a lower ranking state official to start out with similar name recognition to a US Senator.

Why do I feel Cooper is far better for NC and the U.S. rather than Burr? First off because of  Barda, BioSheild and the limited liability provision found in Burr’s legislation. Also consider this about (BARDA) from another perspective:

The Act creates the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency (BARDA) to work on countering bioterrorism and natural diseases. Apparently in an attempt to protect any and all sensitive information on U.S. counter-bioterrorism efforts or vulnerabilities to biological threats, Burrs has included in the legislation the first-ever blanket exemption from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The legislation states that, “Information that relates to the activities, working groups, and advisory boards of the BARDA shall not be subject to disclosure” under FOIA “unless the Secretary [of HHS] or Director [of BARDA] determines that such disclosure would pose no threat to national security.”

Other provisions of the bill compound the troubling secrecy provisions. They include:

  • Giving BARDA the authority to sign exclusive contracts with drug manufacturers and forbidding the agency from purchasing generic versions of these drugs or vaccines. 
  • Authorizing BARDA to issue grants and rebates for drug companies to produce vaccines. 
  • Providing liability protection to drug manufacturers for drugs and vaccines not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, by requiring the secretary of HHS find that a drug company willfully caused injury.

Read the rest of the article here, and lastly consider this:

 BARDA, however, is, in essence, a secret Vaccination Police which can, once a “Pandemic” is declared, with or without reason or evidence, require mandatory vaccination for the real or imagined “Pandemic”. If vaccinations were safe or effective, assuming a real Pandemic, of course, perhaps there would be some faint justification for such totalitarian police state tactics in the approach to public health. In fact, vaccination is such a risky activity that it is classified as an un-insurable risk since no insurance company or underwriter in the world will guarantee the financial compensation of those harmed by it – and they are, as we now know, legion.