Surfing through the internets, right after I jokingly said to a goodfriend of mine, 2012 will consist of a Jeb Bush/ Sarah Palin ticket I found this, ” Jeb Bush: GOP ‘can’t be the old white guy party“, “Former Fla. gov says create ‘a shadow government,’ focus on policy”

Jeb Bush says the Republican Party needs to adapt in the wake of wide-ranging defeat in the election and move beyond its traditional position as the “old white guy party.”

The former Florida governor told Newsmax correspondent Ashley Martella that Republicans should create “a shadow government” to challenge Democrats on policy grounds.

“In Washington we need to show humility and be the loyal opposition. I actually think we need to organize ourselves in the form of a shadow government and make it based on policy and not on partisanship,” he said. “People are sick and tired of the partisanship, just for partisan sake, but they aren’t sick and tired of a loftier debate about policy.”

Given the fact ole’ Jeb is a signatory for the Project For the New American Century on their Statement of Principles. I think it is safe to say, he’s been there and done that already with the shadow government thing. How’d that turn-out? If you haven’t noticed things haven’t turned out so well for the U.S. with the NeoCons at the helm. In fact your NeoCon agenda has clearly set the U.S. back several decades. Specifically, we have gone from the most respected Nation to the least respected during your brother’s administration on all fronts. People are sick and tired of the NeoCon disaster capitalism which has served the Bush family, the Cheney Family and all other PNAC followers well at everyone else’s peril. 

The following few lines are foreboding they were written in 2003 by William Rivers Pitt and clearly he saw where the NeoCons would lead us as a Nation.

 The American economy will be ravaged by the need for increased defense spending, and by the aforementioned “constabulary” duties in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Former allies will turn on us. Germany, France and the other nations resisting this Iraq war are fully aware of this game plan. They are not acting out of cowardice or because they love Saddam Hussein, but because they mean to resist this rising American empire, lest they face economic and military serfdom at the hands of George W. Bush. Richard Perle has already stated that France is no longer an American ally.

As the eagle spreads its wings, our rhetoric and their resistance will become more agitated and dangerous.

Many people, of course, will die. They will die from war and from want, from famine and disease. At home, the social fabric will be torn in ways that make the Reagan nightmares of crack addiction, homelessness and AIDS seem tame by comparison.

This is the price to be paid for empire, and the men of PNAC who now control the fate and future of America are more than willing to pay it. For them, the benefits far outweigh the liabilities.

To use PNAC’s own words from Page 63 of Rebuilding Americas Defenses….”Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” or another Bush in the White House. Never again Jeb, never again.