Just when you thought Palin might go away a PAC called “Our Country Deserves Better” plops down the cash to bankroll a “Thank You” ad for Sarah Palin. The PAC even goes so far as to compare her to President Ronald Reagan. I’m not sure what the PAC is thanking her for but if this is a precursor to 2012 we are in store for some amusing commentary as evidenced by Palin’s recent interview and photo-op with turkey’s being slaughtered as a backdrop. Ah, good times.

“Governor Palin inspired millions of Americans by fighting for common sense conservative principles in a positive and uplifting manner,” chief strategist Sal Russo said in a statement. “I worked with President Ronald Reagan since his first days in the California Governor’s Office, and I can tell you that I see so many similarities between President Reagan and Governor Palin.”

Yes folks, she did inspire millions of Americans, she inspired us to vote for Obama. So Yes, Thank you Governor Palin. Just a suggestion to the PAC, that $50,000  sure could feed a lot of hunger American citizens but I’m sure you are not interested in that type of political action.