This video will no doubt haunt Palin for many years to come, not because she cares but because it was a stupid thing to do. How does she continue with the interview with a turkey in the background being slaughtered? She was asked by the photographer if she wanted that backdrop and she said “No worries”. “Ah at least it was fun” says Palin because geez you know the family values and all. Got to just love those post-pardon kodak moments, Good Times. 

The expression on the guy’s face who is culling the unpardonable turkeys is priceless. He keeps looking at the cameras like, “are they filming this”? “I can’t believe they…yeah, yeah they are filming this”! (the whole time the poor turkey’s feet/legs are sticking straight up in the air) “Geez, I’m going to be on national television whacking a turkey. I hope my Mom doesn’t see this. At one point in the interview Palin says “it’s good to support local business” and Mr. Turkey whacker starts nodding his head enthusiastically up and down, yes…yes must whack more turkeys. You know this will make one hell of a home movie, bloody bathtub and all. Hey why didn’t anybody invite Cheney?