Afterdowningstreet has an excellent read concerning Bush’s last ditch efforts to position his shills and at the same time punish those whom he deems disloyal or supportive of the incoming Obama Adminstration. The “burrowing” as it is called, of political appointees is nothing new but isn’t civil service or government job a dead-end for those left behind in the GOP who are chasing the highest salaries? No doubt the EPA has been one agency hit the hardest by Jr.

I’ve spoken with Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Renee Berry. Coleman-Adebayo called what’s happening a “silent coup d’etat.” The Bush administration, she said, is “embedding their foot soldiers inside the government in order to sabotage any Obama initiatives while at the same time terminating federal employees who they assume would be supportive of the new administration.” She compared this process to a soviet purge.

Berry said that people being forced out of work are looking at a future in poverty. “The government refuses, in many cases, to provide good recommendations for these employees, and that leaves them with a 20- to 30-year gap in their employee history.”

Coleman-Adebayo has long been known as a whistleblower at the EPA. She worked with me to set up a website advocating the removal of EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, and her story is summarized at

The casualties of the Bush administration  will continue it would seem, right up to the day that the lame-duck President leaves office. The Richard Clark’s and the Rand Beers will no doubt have a lot more to say once Bush leaves office. I hope to see the reversal of all things related to civil liberties and the environment lost. My fantasy, I wish these past eight years of BushCO were a file and I could just hit DELETE.