I ran this article today about the Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban detailing the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed insider trading charges against him. I had a light bulb moment, Where have I heard his name before (besides his team)? Ah ha, Mark Cuban was offering to bankroll the hugely popular 9/11 Documentary Loose Change Final Cut through his distribution company Magnolia Pictures. Cuban was taking the documentary from the Internet to the movie theaters, the deal angered many at the time.  But the deal never happened. 

 Christopher Clark, a lawyer for Mr. Cuban, said, “We’re shocked. We find it incredible that given all the important issues that the SEC has to address with regard to today’s economy they’ve sought to bring a $750,000 case relating to a he-said she-said about one trade against a person whose integrity has never been questioned before with regard to the securities markets.” He also said he was “further shocked because the whole enforcement process was tainted by express bias by enforcement officials and certain other misconduct that we will happily detail to the judge in this case.”