Doesn’t today feel a bit different than yesterday a little brighter and a lot less stressful?  Yesterday I had to privilege of being a Poll observer in Granville County and I have to say it was an eye opening experience. The polling station I was at was in Providence and folks, those judges and volunteers went by the book, with a smile on their face the entire time. The interesting part of the day for me were the voters, everyone determined to cast their vote, make a difference and they did.

Did it surprise anyone that two GOP fat cats were bounced from their seats, Liddy Dole and Robin Hayes. Both candidate’s ran very nasty campaigns against their Democratic challengers and they lost in the end. It seems Obama may at last have succeeded in turning NC blue, at last count he was leading Mccain in NC by 12,000 and the race is still too close to call, yet.

I did run across a piece in the N&O that puzzlied me because it’s language seemed a little off base from the opening paragraph;

An unhappy and unsettled America picked an unlikely president Tuesday — Barack Obama, a young black lawmaker from Illinois who sparked a sweeping political movement withan eloquent promise of change and, most importantly, hope.

Who is unhappy and unsettled here? Not the majority that elected President Obama. We surely didn’t see this type of political rhetoric when half the county got stuck with Bush twice now did we?

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