A Reader writes:

PNAC website was scrubbed, yes.
Many of the people running McCain’s campaign are signers of PNAC and/or PNAC reports.

Don’t be fooled, the Project for the New American Century is alive and well. They just changed the names to protect the not so innocent. And yes fellow PNACer’s  have close ties to McCain and his campaign. A little who’s who from PNAC if you will. Who better than Palin, Ms. “I can see Russia from my house” for the NeoCon’s to groom if McCain can not fulfill his duties. God help us if he makes it that far.

McCain’s top Foreigh Policy advisory Randy Scheunemann is a signatory to almost all of PNAC’s letters and policy statements as early as September, 2001. John McCain himself endorsed the PNAC agenda on the Senate floor and signed onto one PNAC letter to the EU and NATO concerning Russia dated September 28, 2004.

A McCain presidency is dangerous not only for us but the world.