Kudos to Daily Kos for this funny, the look on McCain’s face is priceless.  

Where’s Joe you might be asking? Getting schooled by Keith Olbermann of course. In the video below Keith gives us the lowdown and the latest on “Joe the plumber” and his next fifteen minutes of shame.

Yes folks something to look forward to from ole Joe, an album by the same name which no doubt will be featuring his band the Ty-D-Bowl Trio. Yes I can see it now his first album release will feature such hits as;

  • Flush Me in the Morning, then just walk away
  • I changed her float and she changed my life 
  • I’ve Got Friends in Stinky Places – a Garth Brooks remake
  • Underwater Love
  • Singin by the Drain
  • You left the Water running – Otis Redding remix

Yes ole Joe has taken his fifteen minutes of fame all the way to the country music Hall of fame in just two short weeks. I’m just wondering now if Joe was offered a cabinet level position with the McCain administration would he be able to spare the time? Enquiring minds want to know.